shapiro500 was chosen to be showcased on the Zaz Corner by ZAZ10TS, a digital art gallery that displays curated works on the corner of 41st street and 7th avenue in Times Square, New York City.  Plays approximately once per hour from June 2 - July 31, 2020.

"Fibonacci".  Collaboration with Arben Vllasaliu.  Reached the front page of Reddit, getting 7 million views in one day

"Social Distancing".  Tokenized artwork available on

"Intrusive Thoughts".  Collaboration with Alexy Prefontaine.

"Sohcahtoa".  One of the pieces broken down in my 2020 Siggraph presentation.

"It's Turbo Time".  Featured in the Maxon C4D Gallery.

"Lit Friday Night".  Reached the front page of Reddit.

"My Brain When I'm Trying To Fall Asleep". Reached the front page of Reddit.


shapiro500 was chosen by NeoShibuyaTV to be displayed on 9 digital billboards in the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan

shapiro500 visuals during Hollaphonic's set at Azimuth Festival in Saudi Arabia

shapiro500 visuals during Yung Bae's performance at 808 Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

More of my work can be seen on my Instagram page, YouTube page, or on my website,, which was built to function as a VJ tool that people can use to quickly and easily display concert visuals within their browser.
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