Five Penguins is a collectible concert visualizer that anyone can use for free at  The 3,125 squads in this collection consist of every possible combination of 5 different penguin types in 5 different positions (5^5). There is only one of each combination, and the rarity of these combinations is treated like poker hands (so getting five of the same penguin is much rarer than a pair or three-of-a-kind). Each squad then gets a random background and a chance to spawn with special environmental traits. It was also designed to perfectly fit users' Twitter banners.

Announcement video for the concert visualizer

The introductory promo video for Five Penguins

To generate 3,125 unique animated loops, the various elements were rendered as separate layers, and then randomized and combined through a custom Python script written by Jason Rosenstein. A custom Ethereum smart contract and website were then built by Julien Heller, Joey Fiscella, and Davis Cabrera.
Five Penguins was released to the public on December 17th, 2021, and sold out within an hour. You can find out more information about the release and all the different rarities on and you can browse all the squads on OpenSea or Nifty Gateway.

Some of the squads generated for Five Penguins

Five Penguins displayed in the Times Square subway station in NYC. January 2022.

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