Basic Looping Ideas

First, here are some useful looping concepts that can be used as building blocks for a wide variety of looping scenes. The general idea for all of these loops is:
1. Design a scene that you intend to loop and place it within a null
2. Make an instance of that whole scene null (an instance is a copy of the scene that will automatically reflect any changes you make to the original)
3. Transform the instance in some way so it's in a different position (or rotation, or scale)
4. Animate the camera to transform in the exact way you transformed the instance, so that the camera's view looks identical at the start and end of the loop
Position-based loop
My full tutorial on position-based loops can be found here:
Rotation-based loop
My full tutorial on rotation-based loops can be found here:
Scale-based loop
My full tutorial on scale-based loops can be found here:
Specific Loops
Something For Everyone
Originally released on Nifty Gateway in 2021, Something For Everyone was designed to be a communal art project that anyone could participate in. More info about the project (and other artists' creations) can be found at
Penguin Summer
Collaboration with Arben Vllasaliu
Tower of Babel
Running From Infinity
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