"Kinetic Sculpture", edition of 9.

"Kinetic Sculpture (broken during production)", edition of 1.

"Kinetic Sculpture" was "meant to be sold" as an edition of 10, but one of them "broke", causing it to be released as an edition of 9. The "broken" edition was sold at half off the retail price. But now, as single edition work, is it more valuable despite being broken?

"Fibonacci Zoetrope", edition of 5.

"Zoetrope Installation", edition of 1.

After the auction concluded on Nifty Gateway, a final zoetrope was revealed to exist:

"Zoetrope 120", edition of 1 on SuperRare.

Zoetrope 120 on display at NFT Art Week Hangzhou.

Sound design for this series was done by Panos Pagonis.
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