"It's flamingos all the way down", open edition (edition of 448).

"Party of Nine", edition of 9.

"Three's a crowd", edition of 3.

"There can only be one", edition of 1.

About a month after the release, another NFT was gifted to holders of holders of certain edition numbers of the open edition from the drop (#1, #3, #9, #27, #81, #243, #139).

"The Power of Three", edition of 7.

Below you can view the original promotional video for the collection, designed to explain the artistic concept to viewers quickly and in an engaging way. The project file, artists' contributions, as well as more information about the project can be found at somethingforeveryone.art.
Music by Soundtrickz, AntonG, TheRoyalLine, SoundProject, and TimMono.
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