"Twenty Straight Lines", edition of 1.

Sotheby's invited me to create an artwork for their auction "Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying" which featured the works of a curated group of digital artists. The works were exhibited at Sotheby's in Paris.
Twenty Adélie penguins take turns walking in perfectly straight lines across the diameter of a circular field of snow. From the perspective of the penguins, their objective is nothing more than a straightforward trip from one icy cave to another. Viewed from the above, however, we see a circular pattern emerge, formed by the collective motion of the individuals.
Based on a well-known optical illusion, Twenty Straight Lines aims to articulate satisfying kinetic principles through an emotionally relatable lens. Waddling penguins are used to humorously breathe life into a simple geometric pattern, inviting the viewer to consider the algorithmic relationship between individuals and the groups they form.
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