My dear collectors, your time has finally come. This whole drop, in fact, was designed to act as merely a vessel for your rewards. Collectors of my work may enter a drawing to receive the climax of this drop, the Collector’s Zoetrope: a luxurious, elaborate, and meticulously-crafted zoetrope that is the perfect centerpiece to any home office.* 
For everyone else, I present to you the Mass Market Zoetrope. The antithesis of the Collector’s Zoetrope, it prides itself on being simple, inexpensive, and replicable. It was designed with two functions in mind:
1. To afford the user an exhilarating zoetrope experience in the most succinct manner possible.
2. To make the Collector’s Zoetrope appear more luxurious by comparison.
Everyone has access to the Mass Market Zoetrope. The 3D files have been made available for free, under the CC0 Public Domain license, so that you can 3D print one for yourself:

*The Collector's Zoetrope is extremely dangerous and operates at speeds of nearly 700 rpm. Please do not stand within 30 feet of the Collector’s Zoetrope while it is in motion. Do not let children or pets know that you have the Collector’s Zoetrope. Do not operate the Collector’s Zoetrope for more than 10 seconds at a time. Gavin Shapiro and Nifty Gateway are not responsible for injuries sustained while operating the Collector’s Zoetrope. 

"Mass Market Zoetrope", edition of 125.

"Collector's Zoetrope", edition of 25.

In addition to the Two Zoetropes above, released on Nifty Gateway, there were several special editions of the zoetropes released on the Tezos blockchain through Hic Et Nunc.

"Mass Market Zoetrope (half scale)", edition of 125.

"Mass Market Zoetrope (gold edition)", edition of 5.

"Collector's Zoetrope (prototype)", edition of 1.

Many thanks to Chris Vranos for his help with the 3D printing involved in this project.
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