"Wingin' It" promo video.

What kind of emotional impact do we feel while experiencing immersive art in a physical space, and how could we use digital tools to imagine a museum exhibit unconstrained by the limitations of the real world? This project explores how the strengths of both physical and digital art can be combined to present viewers with newfound ideas and confrontations.
I wanted to connect with my audience through a tongue-in-cheek (or should I say, beak?) commentary on the stress of the human experience. A lighthearted take on the fragile and cyclical nature of life, this series aims to share an outlook in which we can notice opportunities to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. Are we more likely to find happiness by choosing to focus on what we can control, and can we learn to accept what we can‘t change?
My hope is that viewers will find something in these animations that resonates with them, and perhaps even allows them to consider their own struggles from a new perspective as well as empathize with the struggles of others. In the end, we’re all in this together, and we’re all just wingin’ it.

"Squab Goals", edition of 64.

"Pecking Order", edition of 16.

"Feeding Two Birds With One Scone", edition of 4.

"Freebird", edition of 1.

I wanted to use Wingin' It as a way to celebrate art and introduce viewers to some of my artistic inspirations. I designed the drop so that the the rarest piece in the collection (the only single edition work) was only obtainable by completing a scavenger hunt that required participants to view artists and works that inspired me during the creation of this collection.
These works were introduced once per day over the course of a week leading up to the release, and then the scavenger hunt was held on the night of the collection. If you'd like to try for yourself, you can view the artworks and clues here.

Music by TimMono.
Curious viewers who scanned the QR code from the promo video were rewarded with an Information Pamphlet NFT on Hic Et Nunc. Physical information pamphlets were also printed and distributed to the following art galleries to encourage viewers go out to view art in the real world:
EP7, Paris
Millenn'Art Gallery, Paris
Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York City
0x Society, Montreal
ABV Gallery, Atlanta
Primary, Miami

"Wingin' It" on display both inside and outside as part of NFT Art Week Shenzhen, organized by Neal Digital Gallery and C Future Lab. November 2021, Shenzhen, China.

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